Elderly residents and family caregiver’s satisfaction with the services provided by geriatric homes in Beni-Suef city: A comparative study

Document Type : Original Article


1 CHN Department- Nursing-Beni-Suef University-Egypt

2 Diploma in geriatric science, National institute of longevity & elderly science,

3 Nursing administration, Beni-Suef

4 Community Health Nursing- Beni-Suef


The aim was to compare the satisfaction with the services provided by geriatric homes in Beni Suef city as perceived by of residents and their families. Method: The study carried out in two geriatric homes in Beni-Suef city using an analytic cross-sectional design. It included a group of 87 elderly people residing in these settings, and an equal group of their family caregivers. Two interview questionnaires including a satisfaction scale and the Healthqual tool forms were used to collect data, one for the elderly and another for the family caregiver. Data collection: from November to March 2023. Results: Elderly median age was 66 years, with 54% males. Family caregivers’ age ranged between 22 and 69 years, with 54% males. Satisfaction and expectations scores were almost equal between elderly and their caregivers. Only satisfaction with the recreation services was significantly higher among caregivers (1.2±0.6) in comparison with the elderly(1.0±0.7), p=0.049. Their expectations scores had a significant strong positive correlations (r=0.835). The scores of satisfaction and expectation varied between the two homes and according to elderly and caregivers’ characteristics. Conclusion: Elderly residents and caregivers have generally high satisfaction with the services provided, whereas their expectations are slightly lower, with no significant differences. Their scores are positively correlated. Recommendations: periodic assessment of elderly residents and family caregivers’ expectations and satisfaction with the services. Community health nurses should be trained in conducting such surveys. Further research is proposed for improvement based on the identified needs of residents and family caregivers’ satisfaction.