Using An Educational Program Based On Health Belief Model To Improve The Nutritional Behaviors Of Elderly Against Cancer Diseases

Document Type : Original Article


1 pharmacy Department , Beni Suef specialized hospital , Beni-Suef , Egypt

2 Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Agriculture, Beni-Suef University. Beni-Suef , Egypt

3 Department of Elderly Nutrition,National Institute of Longevity Elderly Sciences Beni-Suef University.Egypt

4 Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Beni-Suef University. Beni-Suef , Egypt


Background: Cancer patients often have inadequate knowledge about the nature, risk factors and cancer related complications, and this negatively affects their attitudes and practices towards its care. Hence, elderly education regarding cancer disease and nutrition self-care practices. Aim of the study was aimed to evaluate the effect of health belief model on nutritional behavior to prevent Cancer among elderly Design: A quasi experimental design. Settings: The study was carried out in the geriatric homes in Beni Suef city. All available geriatric homes in Beni Suef governorate will be included Study subjects: A convenience sample of 100 from geriatric homes selected by random sampling. Data collection tools: Interview questionnaire Part I: Socio-demographic characteristics Part II: Medical history Part III: Assessing elderly' knowledge (Pre/ Post) Second tool: The health belief model scale (Pre /Post) Results: The study finding indicated that, there was positive correlation between elderly's total compliance with therapeutic health behaviors and their HBM constructs (perceived susceptibility, severity,  benefits and barriers) pre/post program at P<0. 001.. Conclusion: Cancer’s elderly in the current study lacked appropriate knowledge and health beliefs regarding Cancer’s disease in general and nutrition specifically in the pre-program phase and their compliance with nutrition health behaviors and Cancer’s prevention were mostly unsatisfactory. Recommendations: Health education programs should be developed with a multidisciplinary team including, nutritionists. So, it is essential to introduce training programs and workshops aims to prepare enough, nutritionists including, nutritionist’s educators and, nutritionist’s dietitian across the country.