Elderly Patient Satisfaction toward the Quality of Nursing Services in the Oncology Unit

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1 Beni-Suef University, Egypt

2 Nursing Administration, Beni-Suef University , Egypt

3 Community Health Nursing, Beni-Suef University

4 Community Health Nursing, Beni-Suef University , Egypt


Background:  Cancer is a disease that is linked to aging, and in Norway, the median age at diagnosis is quite near to 70. A reliable indication of overall satisfaction with the hospital environment is patient satisfaction with nurse care. It's critical to identify the variables that influence patient satisfaction with nursing care in order to assure service improvement at the necessary hospital levels. Aim: To assess the satisfaction of geriatric patients toward the quality of nursing services in the oncology unit. Design: A descriptive design. Setting:    This research was established in oncology outpatient clinic in the oncology unit, at Beni-Suef university hospital. Subjects: A convenient sample of elderly patients (n=152 elderly patients) selected by from the previously mentioned setting was included and aged from (65 – 75) years of both sex. Tools: Interview questionnaire: this tool was developed by the researcher; it was divided into three parts; Part 1: elderly people socio-demographic characteristics, Part 2: assess the patients’ satisfaction and Part 3: assess the quality of nursing services presented to elderly patients in the oncology unit. Results: revealed that, 63.8% of the studied elderly patients were aged between 65 and 69 years, 57.9% of them were females and 32.9% of the studied elderly patients had breast cancer. Also, there were strong significant statistical positive relation between quality of nursing services and all the sub-dimensions of elderly satisfaction; communication, privacy, mutual confidence, and security. Conclusion: the studied elderly patients had high satisfaction and perception regarding quality of nursing care provided to them.  Recommendations: Enhancing the trust relationship between geriatric patients and oncology nurses.