Knowledge and Practice of Nurses toward Preventive Measures of Elderly Patients with Viral Hepatitis B and C in the Dialysis Unit

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1 NursingTraining coordinator, Beni-Suef University hospital , Beni-Suef University , Egypt

2 Maternal and Newborn Nursing,Beni-Suef University Egypt

3 Community Health Nursing, Beni-Suef University Egypt ,

4 Community Health Nursing Faculty of Nursing, Beni-Suef University Egypt


Background: Compliance with hemodialysis (HD) precautions is essential in preventing the transmission of viral hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and hepatitis B (HBV) in hemodialysis units. Aim of study: the study aimed to assess knowledge and practice of nurses toward Preventive measures of elderly patients with viral hepatitis B and C in the dialysis unit in Beni-Suef governorate. Research design: A descriptive design was used to achieve the aim of the current study. Setting, Beni-Suef university hospital and Elwasta general hospital Sample: A convenient sample of all hemodialysis nurses (76 nurses) in two hemodialysis units at Beni–suef and Elwasta general hospital, Egypt; include  42 nurses, form Beni-Suef university  hospitaland 34 nurses, fromElwasta general  hospital .Tools: one tool were designed to collect date pertinent to the study: Self-administered questionnaire to assess the subjects’ level of knowledge, and observational checklist, used to assess subjects’ level of practice. Results: More than half of nurses have fair level of total knowledge. Less than three quarters of nurses were incompetent regarding general preventive practices related to dialysis unit. Conclusion: Less than half of nurses have satisfactory of total knowledge about preventive measures of elderly patients with viral hepatitis B&C in dialysis unit. More than half of nurses have unsatisfactory regarding practices toward patient care.Recommendations: Conducting standards educational program that emphasize on improving knowledge level regarding prevention of viral hepatitis B&C transmission in dialysis units in order to raise awareness and correct misconceptions.