Effect of Supportive Nursing Intervention on Feeling of Stigmatization and Quality of Life among Older Adults with Psoriasis

Document Type : Original Article


1 Gerontological Nursing- Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt.

2 Geriatric Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Menofia University, Egypt


Background: Psoriasis is an inflammatory, chronic, recurrent immune skin disease that severely affects the quality of life of older adults and contributes to increased disability and feelings of stigma. Therefore, effective and appropriate nursing interventions are essential to improve older adults' knowledge and self-care practices regarding the disease and reduce its harmful effects. Aim: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of supportive nursing Intervention on feeling of stigmatization and the quality of life among older adults with psoriasis. Method: A quasi-experimental design (one group pre/post design) was used in this study. A purposive sample of 40 elderly patients attended dermatological outpatient clinic at Mansoura University Hospital and psoriasis outpatient clinic at Dermatology, Venereal, and Leprosy Hospital in Mansoura City. Tools: demographic and clinical data, the Psoriasis knowledge questionnaire, the self-care practice questionnaire, the 33-item feelings of stigmatization questionnaire, and the Psoriasis Disability Index. Results: Mean age The elderly participants were 64.53 ± 4.69. There was a significant improvement in the older adults' total mean scores of psoriasis knowledge, practices, and quality of life, as well as a statistically significant reduction in disability levels and stigmatization related to psoriasis one month and three months post implementation of the nursing intervention (P = 0.000**). Conclusion: Supportive nursing intervention significantly improves older adults' knowledge of psoriasis, self-care practices, and quality of life and reduce stigmatization feelings and disability levels. Recommendations: Dissemination of the developed illustrated supportive nursing intervention program booklet about psoriasis to all older adults with psoriasis attending Mansoura University Hospital should be done.