Global civil society and community psychology in protecting the multidimensional human security of older persons |المجتمع المدني العالمي وسيکولوجية الجماعة في حماية الأمن الإنساني المتعدّد الأبعاد للمسنّين

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, University of Algeria 3, Bin Aknoun, Algeria

2 Faculty of Media and Communication Sciences, University of Algeria 3,Bin Aknoun, Algeria


It is the new concepts and theoretical formulations of the content of activities and actions practiced at the national level that demonstrate the relationship of the influence of global civil society on political science issues from a globalized perspective. In the early stages of education, allow the establishment of local and national human rights associations, and the establishment of national human rights bodies such as the Ministry of Human Rights. Similarly, the impact of global defense and environmental protection groups on governments to clean up the environment, protect the elderly and discuss them as one of the issues of human security as a state actor