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Elderly Patient Satisfaction toward the Quality of Nursing Services in the Oncology Unit

Volume 7, Issue 1, January 2024, Pages 51-69

Nahed Gaber Mohamed; Salwa Ahmed Mohamed; Aziza Mahmoud Abozied; Asmaa Salah Eldin Mohamed

Elderly residents and family caregiver’s satisfaction with the services provided by geriatric homes in Beni-Suef city: A comparative study

Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2023, Pages 401-419

Aziza M Abozied; Helmy Fouad Altantawy; hoda A El guindy; Amel Abde alaziem Mohamed

Satisfaction with Geriatric Home Services among Elderly Residents and their Families in Beni-Suef Governorate

Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 274-290

Helmy Fouad Altantawy; Hoda A El- Guindy; Aziza Mahmoud; Amel Abd Elaziem Amel Abd Elaziem Mohamed

The Relationship between Aged Patients’ Expectations and their Satisfaction with Health Service Quality in Outpatient’s Clinics.

Volume 5, Issue 2, June 2022, Pages 291-306

Zeinab arafat Issa; Hoda A El Guindy; Mervate Abdelkader Ahmade; aziza M Abozied